Creating leadership in organisation

Our strength lies in creating various leadership position in the organisations at various levels to have direction and higher effienciency

Kiran Jaitley

Ms Kiran Jaitley, a clinical psychologist by training and experience initially, she has subsequently (for twenty nine years) led functions across Consumer Market Insight and core Marketing a tone of the most reputed global FMCG companies.

Her roles panned across categories like personal–wash and hygiene, frozen foods, adult/ infant and fem care and relevant Business acquisition. Highlights here in were innovation and new product development / test marketing, leading involvement in strategic entry into a new Business area and rejuvenation of a flagship brand.

Kiran led the genesis (formulating and making happen) of the Consumer Connect program guiding mapping and monitoring marketing team consumer connectivity / ‘intelligence’ across the South East region In addition she has expert knowledge on Brand in sight generation techniques which has been leveraged for Brand development, Shopper understanding and Market place activation.

The above roles have inherently involved training and development of teams, mapping processes, the up gradation (ISO certification), and continued compliance within Consumer Connect teams. She has also led the Extension of the same to the MR industry in India through very basic recognition of the In–Field arm the development and adoption of the MRSI Field Certification Program.

She is currently based in Gurgaon and continues to leverage experiences as a consultant with Business schools, MR agencies and lead multinational companies. Through her professional experience and background, she is an outstanding facilitator ,developer and coach.